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Bioinformatics is the science required to capture, store and comprehend large amounts of biological data. The field is a blend of biology, mathematics and computer science. Current research includes the creation and mining of international genetic and protein databases, analyses of biomolecular recognition, phylogenetics and inherited genetic diseases.

The new field of bioinformatics integrates biology, computer science, mathematics, networking and organisational research to handle and interpret burgeoning quantities of biological data. Bioinformatics in its broadest definitionis a scientific discipline that encompasses all aspects of biological information acquisition, processing, storage, distribution, analysis and interpretation. It is concerned with the development of databases to handle and allow interpretation of large datasets. The information inherent in DNA sequences resulting from the genome projects is currently a major dataset. Other datasets include the results of biotechnological, biodiversity, neuroscience and environmental research.

The University of Otago has a proven track record in the field of molecular bioinformatics as outlined below. Information and information technology will be crucially important for Biology in the future and therefore Bioinformatics has recently been highlighted in leading scientific journals as one of the key international fields of expertise for the life sciences. We expect that field will continue to be important for the life sciences in New Zealand particularly in the Health and Agricultural sectors, it is need to underpin advances in Genomics, Proteomics and Biotechnology.

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