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Papers for a BSc with a focus on Bioinformatics at the University of Otago

The University of Otago provides two third year papers in Bioinformatics, more Bioinformatics papers than any other University in New Zealand. Whilst the University of Otago does not offer a BSc in Bioinformatics, we do provide courses with a large component of Bioinformatics. However, you will formally major in a well-known discipline (Biochemistry, Genetics, Mathematics and Statistics, Computer or Information Sciences). These majors are expected to provide more flexibility in future career paths. The course below is a mix of Biology/Genetics, Computer/Information Science, and Mathematics/Statistics.

Bioinformatics can also be included in an honours program with a 'Bioinformatics' thesis project and supervisors from one or more departments.

This is not a definitive document, timetabling of your options will need to be checked and some of the papers could be taken in a different order.

The two lead papers are Biochemistry 352 Advanced Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics and Computer Science 348 Computing for Bioinformatics (not offered in 2014).

Papers have been changed extensively for 2014, people interested in pursuing a degree with a bioinformatics focus should consult Dr Chris Brown (chris.brown@otago.ac.nz) or Course Advisors from Biochemistry, Genetics, Computer Science or your major.