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Teaching at The University of Otago

Bioinformatics is not at present taught as a separate degree course, but as integral components of other courses in Biology. Mathematics, and Computer Science

Two key papers are Advanced Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics BIOC352 (Semester 1) and GENE315 Genomes (Semester 1)


Bioinformatics is introduced at first and second year with a small block of lectures and hands on practical in Bioc 221 Molecular Biology , Bioc 222 and Bioc 223.

There is some Bioinformatics in all four 300 level papers, partcularly in BIOC352.


Genetics papers integrate Bioinformatics, Molecular evolution and Genomics at many different levels. Ideas are introduced at first year (CELS191), and continue through 200, 300 and 400 level papers. The most relevant papers are GENE 315 Genomes and Gene313 Medical Genetics.


Microbiology courses link with other Otago School of Medical Sciences papers (e.g. Biochemistry) and Genetics to include Bioinformatics, Genomics and Virology.

Computer Science : Programming and data mining

Statistics: Statistics, Data mining (see STAT435)

Fourth year and above

Honours, MSc and PhD projects with a large bioinformatics component have been offered in Biochemistry,  Genetics, Microbiology, Computer Science, Information Science, and Mathematics and Statistics.

Biochemistry : BIOC461

Genetics: GENE411 or GENE412

Mathematics and Statistics- STAT 435 Data Analysis for Bioinformatics This course is open to 4th year students from the biological and medical sciences, mathematics and statistics, and computer science and focuses on gene expression data analysis (microarrays).

Microbiology- MICR 461 Molecular Microbiology


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