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The Virology Otago Research Theme

(archived pages - last fully maintained in Dec 2011)

The Virology research team at the University comprised several interconnected groups located in the Divisions of Sciences and Health Sciences, and spread across the Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington campuses. Together they have expertise in all areas of virology. The theme existed until 2011, with members contributing to other themes notably the Webster Centre for Infectious diseases

Current research activities of theme groups encompass multiple projects in the areas of: viruses and cancer; viruses and immunity; human and animal health virology; invertebrate virology; viral infections and diagnosis; vector-borne diseases; plant virology; and human respiratory disease and hepatitis.

The group has an exceptionally strong track record of publications, and collaborates internationally with research institutes in Germany, the UK, the US, Australia, Finland and Israel.


Links to Virology Research in New Zealand

(updated Dec 2012)

Virology is a focus of several Research Institutes and groups in NZ. Viral pathogens affect humans, plants, animals of agricultural importance and indigenous species.

University of Auckland (contact: Dr John Taylor)

Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) Virological Surveillance,Specific laboratories, SHIVERS project, Radio NZ Podcast May 2011 (contact: Dr Richard Hall).

Plant and Food Research Plant Pathology (contact: Dr Robin Macdiarmid)

The Hepatitis Foundation of New Zealand (contact)

Australasian Plant Virology Working Group


Virology Theme Members (2011)

The Virology theme brings together virology researchers at all the University of Otago campuses.

  • Dr Chris Brown
  • Dr Heather Brooks
  • Dr Jim Faed
  • Dr Cris Felipe-Alves
  • Dr Steve Fleming
  • Assoc Prof Paul Guy
  • Dr Richard Hall
  • Dr Lance Jennings
  • Dr Merilyn Hibma
  • Prof Kurt Krause
  • Assoc Prof Jim Kalmakoff
  • Prof. Andy Mercer
  • Dr David Murdoch
  • Dr Janice Royds
  • Prof. Warren Tate
  • Prof. Vernon Ward
  • Dr Lyn Wise

    A more detailed list and links to group members and research associates


Postgraduate day. November 10th 2010 9-5 Hunter Centre (more information)

Two eminent guest international speakers are also presenting at this meeting. Dr Christiane Wobus from the University of Michigan Medical School and Dr Jason McKenzie from La Trobe University. Dr Chistiane Wobus will be speaking on Noroviruses and Dr Jason McKenzie will be speaking about lipids, stress and flavivirus Replication.

Student prize: Prize for best student research paper published or in press

Student Travel Support and New Virology Initiatives


1st Joint Queenstown Molecular Biology / University of Otago Virology Meeting, Aug31-Sept 1 2009

Student prize: Prize for best student research paper published or in press in 2009

Student Travel Support and New Virology Initiatives


Virology Meeting (Dunedin, November 2008)

Virology Theme Further Information:

Assoc Prof. Vernon Ward
Department of Microbiology
School of Medical Sciences
PO Box 56, Dunedin
Tel 64 3 479 9028
Fax 64 3 479 8540
Email vernon.ward@otago.ac.nz



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